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Post Pandemic Woman

Updated: Apr 23

guest post by Ann Marie Thrive

This diary follows my journey through the COVID-19 pandemic as I experienced grief and weight struggles.

It is a must-read for those seeking guidance and inspiration in overcoming personal challenges, the loss of loved ones, and other losses experienced in life.

Be encouraged and strengthened as you move forward, embrace the new, and step into the abundant life that is waiting for you.


This “Diary” will help you discover…

~ Comfort in Time of Grief

~ Strength in Navigating Personal Losses

~ Peace for Internal Soul Pain

~ Agility of Mind to Eliminate Pandemic Brain

~ New Perspective in Your Weight Loss Journey

~ How to Healthfully Embrace Your Body Image

~ Hope to Live a Victorious and Abundant Life

Who is Ann Marie Thrive?

I’m an abundant mindset coach who helps stuck people successfully navigate and transition through the changing seasons of life, bringing lasting breakthroughs from the inside out.

By building awareness of their mindsets, habits, and behaviors, I help implement the necessary steps for a thriving life, both personally and professionally.

Join us on April 23 at 6:30 p.m. Mountain on the Beacon of Light Podcast for this open discussion.


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