Can you Cope with the COVID19 CRISIS Cycle?

COVID19 Crisis Cycle

Release, Reach, Regroup, Recovery for the COVID Crisis Cycle.

The COVID19 pandemic has leveled the playing field. We are all in it together. I’m sharing my raw and crazy life about our four weeks of the COVID crisis cycle for all of you to read. There is some hope at the end. I pray that you read to get that hope and light because after all, we are all in this together.

Week 1: We've GOT this! (Excitement & Opportunity)

How many of us can relate to this COVID19 Crisis Cycle? During the announcement of week one, I felt strength, made plans, made a decision that I was going to be a leader and help others get through that first week. (I’m sure you jumped into action! I know that I did).

I created flow charts, memes, made phone/zoom calls, and so forth to really get ready for the needs of my clients, family, school kids, etc. I was that Beacon of light and did what I could to really serve my people. Week one was very exciting, full of possibilities and positivity. (Does this sound familiar?)

Week 2: Made a Plan; We can make it! (Plans implemented positivity still shining)

At week two I saw how my planning was working, and I looked at and took account for many of the variables:

Shortages in supplies for my clients, my students, myself, and for the country.

I might have clients that would only have two weeks’ worth of pay left, but I would help them.

I created a list of resources to give to them to continue to help.

My clients, students, and family were following the advice and schedules I gave them. Many were on board because they understood that the playing field had been leveled. We were and are all in this together. My light was helping others and still, I was pretty positive.

Week 3: Reality Ripped up that Plan:

Wow. As week three came about there was this weight that was beginning to hit me. There were cries for attention, for intervention, for revamping, for help, for “this is not fair” (my extrovert teenagers) were coming in faster then I could handle. Deep breath! I remember thinking to myself, I can make adjustments and keep serving my clients. However, there was a weight that continued to build somewhere deep inside of me. (I was not the hero, but I could direct them to light. I felt the still small voice remind me to Don’t take on their problems. Hold the boundary, but offer light).

Suddenly the needs from work started to pile up, the students I was serving in rural areas were not really able to connect online/Zoom, and I thought about the challenges they must be facing. Suddenly I felt a bit of my light dim. WO! Hang on, I tell myself. Let’s get a deep breath (in one, two three, four, and out, two, three, four—repeat).

Now that my head was a little clear I still smiled on & push through. But there was a little feeling—dread—and suddenly a new shift happened (not with my clients, but at home). In all my preparation I felt myself default to the previous level of preparation I had. I could see in my mind’s eye the following: