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Two Are Better Than One

Guest Post by Frank Kendrella



The premise behind the book, “Two are better than one. Don’t do this thing called life alone,” is based on actual events that happened in my life and truths that I learned along the six-plus decades on this planet. Looking back, I saw the hand of God in my life even before I understood what it meant.

When I was a teenager, I was bullied in school, which caused me to seek a method to protect myself from others, like those who wanted to intimidate me with their words and force. Their actions led me to study the Martial Arts, where I met my Sensei, who led me to Christ fifteen plus years later. If I had never met him as a teen, I might not have been open to the message he shared with me years later. Please note that I am not stating that God caused the boys to pick on me but that God used the situation to put me in a position to receive His message when I was open to it.

There are eight key points (“Ds”) in the book told in a story form. The first “D” is that we must have a dream that must be so strong and is part of our “WHY” that it will fuel the determination it takes to dare to be different. (Why be normal? It is only a setting on the dryer.) The main character Michael ends up in a situation that many of us often find ourselves in, frustrated, angry, and need help. However, since the book is in a fictional form, it isn’t like a textbook, and the reader laughs, cries, and stops to think, can this be me? I wrote it with the intent a person who doesn’t usually enjoy reading will read it. In addition, it could be read on a ‘normal’ two-hour flight.

The setting is in rural America and is based on parts of the town where I live, with a few added dreams of mine mixed in to remind me every time I think of the book or quote from it.

Michael meets many interesting characters in his journey, with the ultimate protagonist appearing after a near-fatal incident. This encounter takes the reader from horizontal relationships to the story of our need for a relationship with God (vertical relationship).


Often, when potential readers see the book’s title, they immediately think it is a book about human relationships. Although the book includes the need for great people, the relationship between God and us is the most critical “Two” in our lives. Michael’s wife, Abby, is brought into the story, and she is introduced to other life lessons.

“Two are better than one. Don’t do this thing called life alone” is part of what I want to leave behind to the world from what I learned in life but, more importantly, to my children and grandchildren. Long before I wrote the book, I began using art through photography to present a positive story on social media following the acronym “ICE.” [Inspire – Challenge – Encourage through art and often witty or comical sayings.] Social Media knows me more from my photography and quotes than from the book but what many learn is the book’s message is all across my posts and talks.


Long ago, I determined that the world doesn’t need another critic or person to post negativity online and decided to Inspire, challenge, and encourage people to follow their dreams and create positive messages. Therefore, I stay away from posting negativity, and in the photography classes that I teach, this message is clear.

Why is this important to me? Too much of the world lives in the bullied and bullying world via social media, work, and home environments. I remember a quote that I learned decades ago, “There has never been a statue erected to honor a critic.” With the added twist, “Be the change you want the world to be and see.” This concept circles back to the foundation that I experienced as a teen concerning the power of words and actions, but I didn’t realize it then. I could have become like the bullies, but I didn’t and decided to be different by God’s grace.

Your dream must be so powerful that you determine that you will dare to be different in your heart. The Lord’s direction must drive the desire to succeed in your life. Devote your energy to others (Col 3:23-24), and don’t quit on the dream that The Lord put on your heart.

Inspire, challenge, and encourage others to be the positive change needed in the world. A negative mind will never create positive results.

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