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Where God, Science, Spirituality, and Personal Development Unite. 52 Lessons to Apply the Principles

Guest Blog Spot: Silvia Castillo, Ray Tuggle, and Desiree Duran

Where God, Science, Spirituality, and Personal Development Unite. 52 Lessons to Apply the Principles of God’s Word to Transform Your Life. 

In a world with so much confusion, hypocrisy, and contradiction. Now more than ever— it is time that WE, individually and collectively, come together. We—You, Me and Us, WE ARE THE CHURCH. 

The “My Agreements with Me for Believers” workbook is a journey of personal reflection and Bible study. It is 52 Lessons that allow an individual to investigate their life and their thinking for growth, healing, and self-love and to create or strengthen their relationship with themselves and God (and you might refer to God as universe, spirit, oneness, source, father, mother, alpha or omega). 

We know that when you stay committed to this journey, you will undoubtedly gain knowledge, insight, and wisdom that will positively impact your life. 

What's in it for you… 

● Liberated from past hurts, 

● Reconnect with your personal purpose, 

● Discover a version of yourself that you haven't known or haven't connected with 

Regardless of where you've been, what you've been through, or what you've accomplished, we hope you are willing to go deep. 

To take yourself on… 

● Identify ideas and beliefs that may no longer serve you; 

● to be authentic, vulnerable, and honest with yourself; 

● to look at areas of your life or your lineage that you're not proud of; 

● and to celebrate the amazing, beautiful, and complex person you are. 

We specifically built this study with a spiritual baseline of Biblical Truth in mind. Our foundational premise comes from God’s Word in John 1:1, which says that everything and anything made was made by God and for God. Therefore, everything has a purpose and can all work together for good. 

We can reason with certainty that there is Biblical Truth and science that backs our teachings. We believe and know that if you permit yourself to open your mind, set any judgments aside, and complete the 52 lessons of this journey, you will be transformed by renewing your mind.

This is good news because you cannot have what you say you want with a mindset and belief system that does not support it. You will… 

● Examine four areas of your life to question, explore, and discover. 

○ Contribution/Spirituality 

○ Health/Wellbeing 

○ Career/Education 

○ Love/Relationships 

● Discover how you show up and what is holding you back. 

● Identify limiting beliefs, negative emotions, triggers, and programs (baggage). What will you get from this process? 

● Connecting with God (universe, spirit, oneness, father, mother, alpha or omega) ● Better self-talk, emotional intelligence? 

● Leave your past behind and set new goals for your future. 

● Forgiveness and healed relationships? 

● Improved Communication? 

● Clarity and confidence in your identity? 

● Courage and Strength? 

● A newfound passion and zeal for life? 

● Integrity to your word and your dreams? 

When you examine what is in you, you will gain the courage and strength to enhance, embrace, or change it. 

We're asking that you keep your mind open to new ideas, that you create a new story of possibility, that you practice seeing something new about yourself (using these lessons), and that you have the willingness to develop new and different results. 

We have yet to determine what you will get from this process. However, we do know it will be perfect for you. 

This study was made with everyone in mind. We believe that we are ALL God's children, and wherever you are in your relationship with God, or whatever your religion or belief is, we honor that space and want to meet you right where you are. We are not here to convince you of anything. We would love for you to dive into this study and decide for yourself what you believe and why you believe it. 

When we look into the dynamics of our families and begin to go inward, we can uncover a disconnection. The evidence of it is broken families, adultery, pornography, domestic violence, epidemics of drug and alcohol abuse, assault, lack of self-control, little or no personal development, and a wide variety of painful realities that are a contradiction to our innate message of our Father in Heaven who says that we are ALL children of the highest (Psalm 82.6) and that He came, that we may have life and have it more abundantly. (John 10:10)

Whether you believe God is real or not. Or whether you believe the Bible is God's inspired Word given to man or just a good book. You will be presented with life-changing principles and truths that will impact your life in a transformational way. We challenge you to be open. 

To contact Sylvia: 

Join Me, Silvia, and Friends Ray Tuggle and Desiree Duran on Tuesday, Dec 12, for the Beacon of Light Podcast at 6:30 pm Mountian.


And Freinds!

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