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Welcome to Pieced-Together! I have some exciting news to share! I have started a new series of videos about Autism featuring April Rose, Rosie, and her journey through Autism, deafness, social skills, and language acquisition. Through these videos you will see how she works through everyday situations and figures out how to problem solve through supports. I call it "chore therapy."

Throughout this series I demonstrate how you can help your child learn through everyday "work/play" by reinforcing and prompting. You will also learn some of the skills and evidence based practices I use to help her. Some of the evidence based practices I use are: peer/sibling modeling, reinforcement, prompting, schedule supports, as well as host of others.

Come join us on this journey with video's updated every twice a month. Spread the word, Share the News, and let me know how I can help you with your needs!

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