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Come What May and Love it!

DAY2: Pinpoint of Light Celebrating Life in 31 days!

Come What May and Love it!

What does that mean? It's easy to love the light, the beauty, the joy in this life, but what about the trials? What about the hardships, the deaths, the sorrows, the abuse--the tragedies?

Yes. You can learn to love those too, but only over time. I've discovered that all that Igo through in this life is for me good--if I make a choice to learn from it.

I can choose to accepted what comes my way as an opportunity for growth and change, or as a way to be blocked by this world.

I choose light. I choose to come what may and love it. It is going to happen anyway. The real secret is to have the Lord by your side. I believe that the trials we have in this life allow us to become intimate with the Savior, our Lord, and King.

We are to know Him, after all, we are yoked with Him. What an amazing time to learn and grow to love Him as he is helping us pull through the trials of this life. Come What May and Love it. It is an opportunity to find true joy if we know how to choose it.

If you need any help with this and would like to know more, please contact me. My website is and select a tab that can meet your needs.

I look forward to working with you.

And remember, to Come What May and Love it!

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