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Beacon of Light Favorite Things!

Oprah had a few favorite things...SO DO I!


Beacon of Light’s “Favorite Things!” It’s like Oprah’s Favorite Things, only Amplified!

11 Authors/ Entrepreneurs

Eleven days and nights of incredible offers and some of my favorite people and things.

With Black Friday approaching, I knew I had to amplify these fantastic people! This is the time to listen, identify, click, and buy! And these 11 Authors/ Entrepreneurs know how to help you!

Before BlackFriday, November 26th, 11 extraordinary people who have impacted my life with their story and their product are coming to you LIVE each night at 6:30 pm Mountain time to share with all of you their offer. They have something you need; they can solve your pain, questions, shame, and guilt.

I am amplifying them so that you can feel the change in your life as they have amplified mine.

Do you need help and answers with any of the following?

  1. Caregivers! How to be a caregiver without sacrificing everything? Jill Armijo has a proven way to help. Nov 14

  2. Authors! It took blood, sweat, tears, and a ton of time to write that book. It’s time to SELL your book! David Branderhorst, 7 figure business builder, will show you how that is life-changing with a book funnel! Nov 15

  3. Women! Women in identity crisis! Aimee Furhman shows you how to STOP focusing on your mistakes and teaches you how to listen to God, and He will show you your true identity. Smudged Pages is this transformative book for you. Nov 16

  4. Parents! Got kids with ADHD and DYSGRAPHIA? Cheri Dotterer shows you the connection and empowers parents and teachers to help the students realize they are more than the label! Nov17

  5. Teachers! Old Math, New Math, Red Math, Blue Math! Math Shame. Yes, it’s a real thing. Jonily Zupancic breaks it down and breaks through it with rich math experiences that change our approach to math instruction forever! Her book Making Mathineers is KEY! I see math...everywhere! Nov 18

  6. FORGIVENESS! Have you been trapped by not forgiving others? Do you want freedom? Cecile Bibawy shows you how to forgive those that can never say sorry. Her book Loving Her Mind is Truly inspirational. Nov 19

  7. Women! How do you find Joy? CHOOSE IT! Louise Pistole’s life has been filled with sorrow and pain, but then one day, she made a choice—she chose Joy! She will show you how in her book Discover Your Joy. Nov 20

  8. Negative Self-talkers? “You are so stupid, idiot, worthless!” How many of you have said this to yourself? John-Micheal Lander understands the long-term effect of inflammation due to negative self-talk and has a solution for you! Nov 21

  9. Caged Women: Have you ever been involved in things that riddle you with shame and blame? Abuse, daddy issues, guilt, fear, pain, broke or hurting? Tiffany Godfrey helps to bring healing to broken souls. Nov 22

  10. Women! Are there unhealthy thoughts or habits in your life, repeating as if a continual cycle? Want to break free? Lori Thompson shows you how in her book Pivot Point! Nov 23

  11. Job Seekers! Take control of your future today before someone else takes control of it for you. Award-Winning Author of When in Doubt Delete it and Get Noticed Get Hired Chellie Phillips will show you how you have control of your future! Nov 23

You are worth it!

Now the question is, how do I find out all of the information? Come here to blog and find out their information, links, social media, etc. I can’t wait to have them be a part of my Beacon of Light Favorite things!

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