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Counting Blessings on Thanksgiving!

I am counting blessings today 26. No order, nothing is greater than the other. Just straight from my heart: GO!!

1. Electricity: it allows me to run my business, run my Washer/Dryer/dishwasher/vacuum/ etc.

2. Water: as a woman, I can be educated and free because I have clean freshwater to drink from my tap, and I don't have to spend my day bringing it to my family.

3. Gas: energy to run the world, my car, heat my home, and help me drive to see my family.

4. Toilets: I think you get the picture.

5. Sewers and Trash collection: again, it is such a blessing not to have to worry about it.

6. Water heater: I love scalding showers. I not big on tubs—soaking in your, thanks.

7. Fridge/Freezer: I don’t have to go to the market each day for our food because I can’t keep it fresh. I have no idea how I would do that by working full time and running a business.

8. Washer and Dryer: At the height of my launder was 22 loads a week. A WEEK! We are down to 14. Again, those appliances mean more freedom.

9. Strong doors: they hold the cold out, the heat in, the weather/elements out, and I feel safe with it locked each night.

10. Socks: a hug for my feet.

11. My bed: soft, comfy; it is a hug for me. I might only visit for 5 hours, but that is my time to rest.

12. Mornings: They are my ME time. They start at 3:28 am

13. Dreams: They have returned, and I enjoy that.

14. Food: yes. I eat

15. Writing: It feeds and clothes us. But writing has saved my life.

16. Heavenly Father: I know he has always been there for me and loves me. Always.

17. Jesus Christ: I have felt His eyes look at mine, His hands take away my pain, and His love fill the gap of everything I can’t comprehend.

18. My children: I have waited for them, and they have waited for me, and together we learn all about love and forgiveness.

19. My Husband: He is crazy enough to love this wild woman.

20. My toothbrush: I love clean teeth.

21. Flowers: They remind me of my birthday in the Spring. (Texas has the best Springs!)

22. Snowstorms: I love to shovel snow (read my book Out of Darkness, and you’ll discover why).

23. Thunderstorms: The power of nature is impressive to me.

24. National parks: I get to see a window of heaven and enjoy the beauties of nature.

25. The Temple: it is where I feel the Spirit, inspiration, service, and love.

26. Prayer: I am praying more and more to cast out my doubt and believe in miracles. This is a little risky but exciting to me.

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