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Discover How to Find Hope for Healing and Freedom that was once Lost.

Have you ever felt like you had cracks all the way to your very soul— Like your broken and you don’t know how you got that way?

Join me and my guest Elizabeth Clamon tonight April 14, 2021, at 7:30 pm central as she helps us to Discover how to find hope for healing and freedom that was once lost.

Many of us live with this feeling of brokenness and have no idea how we got that way or how to change it. When the pain of brokenness becomes so overwhelming that your entire life and health hang in the balance, what can you do?

Author Elizabeth Clamon understands how you feel. In Beauty Rising from Brokenness she shares her journey of how she was broken physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

The chronic illnesses that ensued. In her darkest moment, she found a path to healing. In Beauty Rising from Brokenness, you will discover how to find hope for healing and the freedom that was once lost. Isn’t it time the suffering ended and the healing begins? Journey through Childhood Trauma and Chronic Illness into Healing and discover your path to ultimate healing starting today.

Discover how to find hope for healing and freedom that was once lost.

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