How Do You Escape Domestic Violence? With Employment!

By April Tribe Giauque

Click, click, and click. My eyes connected with my three boys as I snapped the last buckle into place. My head suddenly screamed at me. Two minutes left! I ran back inside and reached for my girls, innocent, pure, and ran out towards the van as I snuggle them close to muffle their cries. One minute left!

Everyone is in the van! I thought. Drive! Go! Now! I jumped behind the wheel and fired it up. I pulled down the gear lever into drive.

Suddenly there was a pounding on the hood of my van and screaming for me to stop. I took my chance and punched it into reverse, throwing him off the van; I slammed it into drive and speeding around him out of the driveway and onto the street.

I drove away from the basement apartment, never to return to the abyss of abuse.

Now if that sounds a little dramatic, well, it’s because it was.


I was married for 9.5 years, was a stay-at-home mom, I had my degree in English but I had not worked outside of the home in 10 years. What was I going to do as I drove away that night?

Well, I had a plan. 18 months before I left, I knew I needed to get a job, but I had NO success. I went to job fairs, wrote up my resume, applied for everything I could, and still received no interviews, no work, no income.


Looking back on leaving my abusive marriage, I wish I had known my friend, Chellie Phillips because her work would have helped me to find a job in education, and I would have been able to enact my escape plan 18 months earlier.

Find a PLAN

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