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Discover Your Joy

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Does life leave you feeling hopeless and joyless?

Are your intentions out of alignment with your actions?

What choices do you make in life to Discover Your Joy?

Louise says,

“I was inspired by a message of ‘Be joyful always and watch out for joy-stealers’ to write the book. My mission is to encourage and inspire others to seek their own joy no matter where they are on their journey through life.

“I had been through the valleys of life and began journaling my thoughts. After 10 years of journaling from a victim's viewpoint, I heard the message about being joyful. I kept on journaling for another 10 years, but my writing turned to seeking joy in my life. Then, I turned all my journaled thoughts into this book to share with you - the trials and triumphs, the good and the not-so-good, the valleys and the hilltops. From my experiences, you can discover how to turn your troubles into joy and learn to move from negativity to positivity.”

Do you know you can live in joy every day of your life—but—it is a choice!

In Discover Your Joy, you will:

· Enjoy daily inspirations guiding you to happiness and joyfulness

· Learn how to live an abundant life filled with joy!

· Discover inner peace through encouraging words

· Find how to discover 'moment s of joy' in your life.

Discover Your Joy offers daily splashes of inspiration for living an abundant life of happiness, blessings, and inner peace.

A quick inspirational read every morning will have you on your way to discovering moments of joy each day. Chock full of encouragement and inspiration, you will learn to seek and experience true joy in your life.

One reader said,

"Each page in Discover Your Joy is a simple and beautiful reminder that the world may not be perfect, there will always be the ups and the downs, but we have the ability to CHOOSE each day how we will use this gift we call life. I highly recommend this book!!"

Another stated,

"Pistole gives great insight into ways to remind us that our joy is important and to beware of ‘joy stealers.'"

This book is a great way to start your mornings with a great cup of coffee and to discover your joy each and every day!

Start the new year off with a powerful daily inspirational book. As we march into a brand new year filled with worries over the pandemic, the economy, employment, and many other issues, it's the perfect time to spend a few minutes every day reading an inspirational piece. Discover Your Joy will guide you through the storms of life and lead you to seek joy every day. Follow along in this daily book as Louise addresses holidays and seasons along with stories to inspire you to be the best you can be every day.

It is a great Christmas gift for moms, daughters, wives, sisters, friends, or co-workers! Even though it was written for women, men have written to say they are reading it also. Discover Your Joy is the gift your recipient will enjoy every day for the next year.

You can start on any page in the book any day of the year. But, for those of you who like to start a new devotional/motivational book on January 1, this is your time to grab your 2022 book at Black Friday prices.

Discover Your Joy is currently on sale on Louise’s website at Black Friday prices 25% off retail. Paperback is $14.25 and hardback is $20.95.

You can also purchase the book on Amazon or wherever online books are sold.

Follow the author, Louise Pistole, at

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