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How Can You Heal after Childhood & Sexual Abuse?

Pinpoints of Light Childhood & Sexual Abuse Awareness & Healing Conference.

Healing as if your life depended on it—because it does. HEALING YOU!! VIRTUAL CONFERENCE. My name is April Tribe Giauque, and I am a victor over childhood sexual abuse and Domestic Violence. I am the founder of this conference.

You are worth this investment! Can you imagine healing ourselves, and then helping others to heal from childhood and sexual abuse? WOW!! It’s TIME!!

We have award-winning speakers and authors for the conference. Check them out!

Attendees, why would you come?

Because you are ready to hear and feel transformational healing for your own life. 2021 is a great year to heal. Click here to Register today!

When is it?

April 1, 7, 14, 19, 21, 22, & 26, 2021 @7:30 pm central time on April Tribe Giauque's FB profile, Youtube, and Podcast channels.

What makes this conference different?

1) Healing can happen that night!

2) Our charity sponsor, Susie Q’s kids, helps children directly involved in foster care and in shelters.

What are the Sponsorship opportunities?

*Authors: for an investment of $20 you attendees can win your book. You will have your name mentioned and book mentioned during the conference. 20,000-30,000 potential views. Click here to fill out the Google Form and then click the link at the bottom of the form for investment.

Our annual event, Pinpoints of Light Childhood and SexualAbuse Awareness & Healing Conference, is coming up on April 1, 7, 14, 19, 21, 22, & 26th, 2021, a virtual event at 7:30 pm Central FB and YOUTUBE LIVE. This is our first year, and we love the potential of amplifying your message at our event to 30,000!

Authors, I want to Amplify you! For an investment of a $20 ticket, I will display your book as the offered prize during selected nights of the 7-day event. With this being a virtual event, all are invited to attend, however, not all have the opportunity to receive the prizes. Attendees with purchased tickets are eligible to receive gifts. You are also eligible to receive prizes based on your $20 investment.

As a bonus amplification, your book will be shown in the blog sent and on the email list. With our selected award-winning authors and speakers, we have a potential combined exposer of over 30,000 touches on Social Media. You have the potential of your book being seen on the blog, in emails, and during the night of the LIVE event, your book will be shown to the audience as another Amplification.

This year, we’re hoping to raise awareness and healing for those who are trapped in childhood abuse, sexual abuse, or domestic violence. We are specifically looking for books that feature hope, light, victory, and healing for our attendees. We also love books with humor to bring joy to the conference.

If you are willing to donate a book:

The deadline to ship your donated and sign copy of your book to me is March 20th, 2021.

You are responsible for filling out the Google Form for your info to go into blogs and emails.

You may any night attend during, April 1, 7, 14, 19, 21, 22, & 26th, 2021. Share with all.

If you feel that this is a great investment for your name and book to reach a potential 20,000-30,000 connections, please fill out the Google Form link. I’ll be in touch. Thank you in advance!


We have six opportunities for you to help invest in the conference as well as a portion going to Susie's Kids Charity. Your logo will be on our speaker PDF's and mentioned throughout the conference also with exposure to 20,000-30,000 potential views. DEADLINE March 15, 2021. Click here for the Sponsorship

Do you want to bring light and hope to those trapped in abuse, but you don’t know how? Become a sponsor to our annual Pinpoints of Light Childhood and Sexual Abuse Awareness and Healing Conference, April 1, 7, 14, 19, 21, 22, & 26th, 2021, a virtual event at 7:30 pm Central FB LIVE.

We’re looking to raise $2,500 for our Conference and Charity sponsor. That’s why I’m writing to you. I invite you to become a sponsor of our Pinpoints of Light Childhood and Sexual Abuse Awareness and Healing Conference. As a sponsor, your funds will build comfort bags that will reach at-risk children in foster care, homeless shelters, and hospitals through our charity SusieQ’s kids. You will also help thousands in society heal from their brokenness and become more productive citizens and contributors to the community—a win, win!

We have many levels of sponsorship to suit your needs during these challenging times. All descriptions and breakdown of funds going back to the conference and towards the charity are explained in *Attached Sponsorship Information Packet.

We have a potential combined exposer of over 30,000 touches on Social Media with our selected award-winning authors and speakers. However, we can’t meet our goal without your help.

As a sponsor, your logo/name and link to your information will be on our flyers, speaker handouts, and posted in emails with Platinum level sponsors receiving verbal mentions during the LIVE event—again, potential reach over 25,000 people. We hope that we can count on your help to make this year’s event one of our best yet!

Thank you, everyone!

Remember, this investment is in yourself.

You are worth it!

Forever Shining!


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