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How Do you Stop Domestic Violence?

Answer? I hold a Domestic Violence Awareness and Action FREE virtual Conference called UNITE in LIGHT!


Domestic Violence is a man's issue.

Domestic Violence is a leader's Fight.

Community!! Stand up.

Teach our boys to become men.

Reach out. Build your network and make your exit plan!

Leave Victimhood to enter Victory!

Lift up.



October is Domestic Violence Awareness month. Here is the event for you!

That list is really important to understand everything that will be a part of the conference.

Six nights of amazing speakers and a panel that will inspire you.

Oct, 1st, 7th, 12th, 19th, 26th, & 28th. Please register for the nights you can attend.

***Domestic Violence Awareness and Action Virtual Conference.


I am pleased to run the first annual event called UNIT in LIGHT! It was time for me to create my own virtual conference in order to celebrate the awareness of Domestic Violence month, and how we can all take action to end abuse.

Here is the Link! Click EVENTBRITE

Who is speaking?


Oct 1st: Shareene K Rice, "Red Flag Relationships"

Oct 7th: Myra Gerst from Safe Harbor, "Boys and Men Against Violence"

Oct 12th Pinpoints Across America Panel: Crystal Waltman, Jody Almond, Lori Choinski, Dr. Mary Welsh, and Lorrie Jean Jones

Oct 19th: Audrey May Prosper, "Entrepreneurs! Find Your Light!"

Oct 26th: Dorothea Thea Robinson, "Exit Plans"

Oct 28th: April Tribe Giauque "Out of Darkness"

Here are the list speakers for the panel:

Please. Stand. We can make the change.

Share. Let's Be Clear. Prevention is key!

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