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Pinpoints Across America: 11,000 Shelters to Go!

Pinpoints Across America started June 9, 2020, in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. We were on a nine-state road trip, and at the last inspired minute, I got a prompting to put a box of books in my van and deliver them to shelters as we went on our family road trip.

I was filled with questions and with a little doubt from the Shame Shadow©. "

How are you going to do this?
No one knows you are coming!
Really? During a Pandemic?
This is another flop of an idea.

But, there was a still small voice that said,

Do you trust me?

I responded with a confident:


I placed a box of books in our 12 passenger van and never looked back.

We placed 18 books in nine states on that first delivery: OK, KS, NB, SD, WY, ID, UT, CO, NM. We returned to Texas, and I placed 32 books in my home county shelter. Their lending library is full. What unfolded during those fourteen days started a campaign and a movement that will last a lifetime. we have placed over 228 books in twenty-two states in 200 shelters!

How many of you want to change your 2021 to a year of amplification? Click here for your chance to change your heart, help women out of abuse, and amplify your own message and light!

Check out how many individuals have joined Pinpoints Across America! Many individuals have taken the cause and have added their own books to give to shelters. It has been a huge blessing for so many women, men, and children.

Thank you to my top Six AMPLIFIERS!

You have gone over and above your 2 book contribution. You have amplified an entire STATE!

Lori Choinski and Aleta Norris, Wisconsin 25 shelters

Thank you, Dr. Mary Welsh Michigan, 8 Shelters

Thank you, Lorrie and Shellie, California 6 Shelters

Thank you, Crystal Waltman, Arizona 4 shelters!

If you would like to be a part of the movement and support women, you can click here.

Pinpoints of Light: Escaping the Abyss of Abuse is the Pinpoint that becomes a Beacon of Light for all.

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