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Whispers of the Mind

Guest Blog Synova Cantrell

Hi, my name is Synova Cantrell. I'm an award-winning author, speaker, and life coach specializing in helping victims learn how to live again. You can grow from victim to vitality, and I am here to help.

I started out as Southwest Missouri's number-one true crime writer. I worked with victim's families to help them tell their cold cases. I built my blog following up to half a million potential viewers. I received many awards in the process, but the biggest reward I received was when I helped bring leads that helped solve four cold cases.

At that moment, I realized I needed to shift my focus. I had worked with one victim's family member for five years, and I had grown very close to her. When I helped her solve her case, she was told that after 50 years, it wouldn't be able to go to court. She was devastated. Her case was solved, but it was like I took her identity away from her. She just spun out of control, not knowing what to do next.

I had studied thousands of hours of self-help, psychology, NLP, and theology, but I was not using these tools to help people go from victim to vitality. I was just helping them bring awareness to their cold case. That's when I felt called to become a life coach specifically for victims of trauma.

I am not a positive-thinking, self-help guru, but I've spent years in the trenches trying to help the hurting. I recently released a book titled, "Whispers of the Mind: How Thoughts Become Things." This latest book takes in all of the deep science, biblical principles, and my experience and shows you how your thoughts rule your world. You can come through trauma by working on your mindset. It’s not easy, but it’s possible, and I’m here to help.

Sure, life is hard, and trauma hits us where it hurts the most, but you can grow through it. If I had a magic wand and could take away the world's pain, I would do it in a heartbeat, but I do not have such abilities. However, I have an empathic heart and a brain full of knowledge to help. Together, we can grow from victim to vitality and learn to live again! Please know you are not alone in this battle. 

Follow me using the links below if you want some real-life coaching without all the fluff and positive thinking hype.

Join us on Jan 2, 2024, at 6:30 pm Mountain time!

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