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Yep, I've Caught the Bug!

Yep, I’ve caught the bug.

The serving bug! Do you know the best way to distract and heal from your challenges? Answer? To get out there and help someone else.

One chilly November Texas morning (they do happen), I packed up my nine kids, over 12 dozen cookies/baked goods, twelve blankets, socks, and hygiene kits in our van. We delivered these to our corner friends. (Corner friends are the people who wave at you holding a sign on the street corners).

We fired up the fifteen-passenger van and took off searching for our friends. We found them in their usual places. My children would roll down the window and share a kit with them. There was a loving exchange as youthful hands gave kits to weathered and dirty hands with a smile, and as eyes looked back at each other, there was a moment of love and connection shared with our fellow friends. Sometimes we would get an impatient honk from behind us, or others would speed around us, but we didn’t mind. This interaction was needed.

Upon handing out the final kit, I felt the words from the Spirit flood my heart with power. You answered the prayer from their mom today. Overwhelming love and silence washed over me, causing tears to well and fall with the brief exchange of human kindness, and my core was struck deep. Now, each time I see my corner friends, I know that someone is still praying for them, longing for their well being, and praying they are loved.

We were those hands of love that day. The feeling in the van was elation and reverence at what had transpired. Some had smiles, some were quiet, and one still had tears flowing. We know the plight of our corner friends. After all, for a few weeks in November 2006, we were a corner family.

As the miles rolled under us back to our home, I started counting all of our blessings in my heart. By the time I had rolled into the driveway, I was at number 329. We opened the door to the smell of our Thanksgiving dinner, and I knew that we had all caught something—the bug—the serving bug.

May you have a beautiful holiday filled with light and love! Count those blessings. Enjoy!

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