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What can Author Wizards do for you as an Author? Review!

Authors! Do you want to know the truth about Author Wizards? Yes? Do you want to know the answer to what is all the hype about and what really can it do for you? Many of you have this question “what can Author Wizards really do for me?”, and “which wizard is the right one to use?”

This has led me to two thoughts. 1) It’s time to do a review of Author Wizards to show you the power of this incredible software, and 2) how to use six specific wizards to help you attract and convert your visitors into buyers. (YES! That is what I have been looking for).

But, before we jump in, let's do a bit of housekeeping. How many of you are Author Academy Elite Authors and have Author Wizards but, you are not really using it? What did I hear? A big collective gulp? Well, you are not alone. If you think this article is all about “why you should buy Author Wizards,” well, you would be…..wrong and right.


I was so pumped up after the Igniting Souls Conference 2019 about this software that I ran right home and started cranking out sales copy like it was money! Well, no. That is not what I did. I came home, got distracted, and busy in November, but I found myself complaining that my posts were still not hooking or converting anyone. Hum. Then I got a nudge from above, Have you been using the tools you bought? Gulp, my guilty conscience has to say “no.” Then, I felt this reply in my heart, How’s that working out for you? Again, gulp. It wasn’t.

So, I made a 30-day challenge to myself and promised to use AW every day for 30 days to see what could happen. At the time, I averaged 15-20 people responding per post and that was pretty good for me with (no advertisement). But when I started using AW, I was getting over 400-600 views on videos, on questions, on pictures, and on much of the content. Now mind you it was not with every post, but it was on 3-4 times per week. WHAT? Yes! and the numbers continued to climb.

Why? That is what Author Wizard is designed to do. It cranks out the right words and the right emotions to help connect with others. I was sold and vowed to practice every wizard at least once. My business went from one client to coaching six writers overnight. Sales on my books and audiobooks went up by 15% and I was able to start making some headway with the business. It was NOT what I was expecting, but it was everything Jim Edward said would happen. So, I’m a believer.

The power of this software is that there are 51 wizards to help you write incredible sales copy. If you’re tired of writing content and sales copy that doesn’t nudge people to buy your book, course, program, or anything else you are selling, it’s time to learn how to do it. What will convert your clients to paying clients? How do you hook them? What are you missing with nearly every post?

It is time to review. Over the next three weeks, I will review my top six Wizards breaking it down to two wizards a week. READY?

**Disclaimer: If you click on one of the links for products or tools mentioned in this article and purchase via my link, I’ll receive an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you. Rest assured that I only promote products and services that I personally use and want my name to be associated with. To view my full affiliate disclaimer, click here.

What Is Author Wizards?

It is one-click software that helps you to create incredible copy for all your marketing needs. Authors, I know many of you have this but are you using it? How many of you want help with better marketing and don’t even realize that you have the key with a few clicks?

To get started, please go to Author Wizard BluePrints first. The KEY using AW is to know what your needs are and the blueprints are that guide. They are broken down into six key areas:

  1. Build your Audience

  2. Book Writing

  3. Content Creation

  4. Email Follow Up

  5. Sales Copy and Ads

  6. Traffic to Your Website/blog

Within each area are 3-7 different wizards each helping you to narrow down your marketing needs. Each Wizard has a form to fill out that can range from 2 -12 questions. I like to think of it as “MadLibs” for Marketing. Honestly, you will see “use a verb that ends in ‘ing.’” What? Is it that easy? YES! But how can something so easy REALLY produce results? Let me show you.

Today we are concentrating on two Wizards:

What I do in one Sentence Hook Wizards and Daily Content Idea Wizard

What I do in One Sentence Hook Wizard:

This wizard helps you to explain what you do in a way that SERVES the person you are talking to. It’s more than an elevator pitch. This wizard helps you to break down what you do and how you need to serve your client in a single thought. This wizard helps you to clarify your message and how to serve others quickly. Remember it’s not about you and your program/book. It’s about how you can serve them with your program/book. It’s all about them!

The key in answering the Author Wizard questions/prompts is to think about your program/books in sections of what you do so that you know how to answer the questions. Brainstorm time!

But April, “my product/book has to deal with ‘soft skills’ (ministry, mindset, positive thinking, relationships, etc) and how can AW really help me? I mean I played with it before and it really didn’t help.” My response to that is this. Did you play with it once, looked at the responses, and thought, "I can do better than that." Well, How is that working out for you? It's time for an Author Wizard mindset shift.

Many of your know that I work in two different realms of business: I empower writers to discover the impact of their story and changes their influence and income forever; and I empower women, who have been in abuse, to gain a new mindset that helps them to find, find, fuel, and amplify their words to tell their story to the world.

I thought outside of the box a bit and looked at the question in a system of how do you help people to change their mindset? This exercise led me to discover a four-level system of healing. It is now being developed as a whole course. I would not have found it if I did not practice answering the questions. Think of it as your own marketing coach built into the software. Don't fight it, invite it. After all, you are paying a monthly subscription for it.

What it comes down to is to put three things out of your mind 1) perfection, 2) old bias, 3) worry. This is software. It is fun! It is time to play!

Here are a few of the questions that the wizard will ask you:
Who is your target audience? (Plural):
What is your topic or area of concentration/expertise? (1-3 words):
What is a big benefit they get from you etc. (verb ending in ing)

There are a few more questions and prompts to answer but that is just to get a feel for the questions. Again—don’t worry about being perfect. The beauty of the software is that it is very forgiving. Fill in the blanks and see what can happen for you. HINT** Whatever spits out, look at it and see what you can tweak. Jim Edward says, “it is better to work off something than nothing.” I believe that to be true.

Here are three samples of what happened for me when I used What I do in One Sentence Hook Wizard:

I take the book they have inside and write it using my head, my heart, and my hands. I help women like you make an impact on the world with their book.

If you're one woman who is tired of sitting and writing because it is a waste of their time, I have Ghostwriting services that will help you take the book you have inside and write it using my head, my heart, and my hands and make an impact on the world with their book. (No experience required!)

And my favorite one: If JK Rowling did Ghostwriting, she'd ask April Tribe Giauque for help. Haha! Awesome.

Daily Content Idea Wizard

What is the deal with this wizard? Well, how many of you need to post daily on multiple social media sites, but after 5 or 6 days you find yourself running out of ideas, EVENTHOUGH, you just found clarity with “what I do in one sentence hook wizard?” Yep, me too!

What did I do about it? Did I throw my hands up and quit? No, went back to the 51 wizards and looked for the Daily Content Idea Wizard to help me generate 122 (wait did I type that correctly?) Yes, 122 ideas! WOW! I then cut and pasted those ideas into Google Sheets so that I would have 122 weeks of content. *If you are interested in how I did this click here and make an appointment with me. I would love to show you what I do to stay on top of my Social Media.

The daily content idea wizard is a POWER PUNCH for no real effort (best kind of return on investment!). There are only four questions with this wizard. Really 4? I know—it is going from the ridiculous to insane category. These prompts will help you to pull ideas about your content. Here is one of the questions: What is a PAIN they (your audience) really want to AVOID?

If you have more than one area (like myself with domestic violence awareness and then Beacon of Light writing) then do it for each area.


All Author Wizards have the following: build clips, and projects. Under Projects are the following options: New, Load, Save, and Save as. Each time I fill out a wizard I click on save as and name my project. That way I can return to the project and grab new ideas, articles, headlines, hooks, etc. This is the time-saving trick.

I use AW each day that I post. Instead of having to fill out a wizard every day I took 1 hour on a Saturday and filled out the Idea wizard in the 4 areas of business that I run. Many of the ideas are structured in such a way that they are almost like headlines in and of themselves. Long story short, what I did was create my own inventory and I go and shop around at what I would like to to to help mix things up *I can’t wait to show you these next week.

I am practicing and clarifying this statement so that I am ready at the drop of a hat to explain my services in a way that will serve the other person. In a nutshell, here is what you stand to gain by using Author Wizards

  • Structures in the software that will help you find clarity in 51 wizards

  • Filling out the Wizard and then using it on your website/Social Media will increase your sales, regardless of what you’re selling or your target market.

  • Jim Edwards has done all the hard work and research by using proven emotional triggers to get people to buy right now.

  • Jim helps authors target the right customers who are ready to buy right now.

  • The 7 main areas can help authors add more subscribers to your email list, write books, create more content, write killer sales copy and run more traffic to your website/blog based on the hooks and headlines that you use

  • And a lot more.

If you’re always struggling to put the right words where they belong on your sales copy, ad copy, or even blog post, Author Wizards will help you become the marketer with you having to become a publicist. Now that’s a deal!

That’s it for today’s review. Like, comment, and share so that we can help a hundred more authors to achieve what they were called to do. I’d love to hear from you and how I can help your experiences too.

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